Testimonial | Rachel V.

Rachel V.

I never even knew that I had a skin condition until I met Ms. Mary Rostoplasc. I always thought that I just had a really bad acne. I used whatever product there was to “cure” my acne problem. But it never did me any good. Mom had heard about Mary’s product because of one of our friends had been using them. We met with Mary; she took one look at me and diagnosed that I had rosacea. And I have been using her products ever since.

I did run out and went back to using my old products. Because I was too lazy, or I never had the time to order the products again. But that just made things worse. The chemicals in the store bought products may have worked for the first few weeks, but after that they dried out my skin and even made some of my eyelashes fall out!

That’s when I knew that I had to go back to Mary’s products. I reordered and with the first application, my skin thanked me! My eyelashes grew back thicker, and I will definitely keep using Mary’s products.

I won’t be going back to store bought products for my face again!

Rachel V.

Toronto, ON

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