Testimonial | LL – Nanaimo BC

LL – Nanaimo BC

I am writing to tell you how very pleased we are with our daughter’s skin care because of the products we receive from you. We contacted you after our family doctor had told us the only way to clear up our daughter’s skin condition which had deteriorated to severe rosacea with infection complications was to put her on a year long program of antibiotics.

We just did not want this for our daughter, as the health implications of using antibiotics for that long are severe. After speaking with friends here in Nanaimo we contacted you and requested a complete program of Organic Rosacea Day Face Toner, Day Face Cream, Night Face Cream and Night Face Cleanser for dry skin. With our package we also received some information concerning care in washing and drying the face and dietary changes that might impact our daughter’s skin, such as reducing or eliminating apple juice and peanut butter. We started these changes immediately and within two weeks we began to see a big improvement, within a month her skin was completely healed and looked great.

Everyone remarks on how well my daughter’s skin looks now. We continue to use the products faithfully and are delighted that her face continues to stay healthy.

Thank you so much for your products. Our daughter has greatly benefited.



Nanaimo, BC.

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