Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkles generally result when skin loses its normal elasticity.

Factors such as stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, improper diet, and even certain ingredients in face creams or lotions can accelerate the appearance of wrinkles. Thin, dry skin tends to wrinkle more quickly than does skin that is thick and well moisturized.

Wrinkles Treatment

Facts on Wrinkles:

Wrinkle Treatment

Smoking Hastens Wrinkles.

We know that oxygen is a critical ingredient for healthy skin, but smoking robs our blood of much of this healthy oxygen.  As if that were not enough, the chemicals found in cigarettes seem to enjoy attacking the collagen and elastin cells in our body. Our skin needs these to retain its elasticity. Without them the skin will dry out, and sag, leaving it especially vulnerable to wrinkles and signs of aging.

Wrinkle Treatment

There Are Two Types of Wrinkle

Everyone has heard of smile lines, or crows feet around the eyes. These are called Dynamic wrinkles, and are the result of repeated muscle movements over a long period of time. They often occur on the face as we flex the same muscles to make the same facial expressions daily. Static wrinkles however are the result of genetic, or environmental factors. Wrinkles that appear without muscle movements to shape them.

Wrinkle Treatment

Our Diet Is Key

Since we know that ingesting chemicals can hasten the onset of wrinkles, it makes perfect sense that eating the right kinds of nutrients will help us to stave off wrinkles for much longer. Wrinkles happen when the skin loses its elasticity. Drinking lots of water, and eating a healthy balanced diet rich in Vitamins C and E (using organic foods whenever possible) is perhaps the best treatment for wrinkles available.

Wrinkle Treatment

Using a natural moisturizer like Rostoplasc Botanical Moisturizing Day Cream, massage the face daily to increase blood flow, decongest the deep layers of the skin and even remove excess sebum from the sebaceous glands.

How to Do a Special Facial Massage

Wrinkle Treatment - Face Massage

Massage of the facial area

Put cream on the palm of your hands and apply it on your face and around your eyes and eyelids. Begin massaging your forehead. Make zig-zag movements with both hands, from the eyebrows towards your hair, massaging in both horizontal and vertical lines. Then make circular motions starting at the base of your nose and moving towards the temples.

Wrinkle Treatment - Face Massage

Massage around the eyes

Press slightly around your eyes, carefully since it is a sensitive area. Begin at the base of your nose and massage clockwise with circular motions. If some cream gets into your eyes it is perfectly fine since it is an organic cream. It will not irritate the eyes, and may be used during the day or at night.

Wrinkle Treatment - Face Massage

Massage of the nose

Massage the sides of your nose with the middle finger and then press slightly in a gentle upward movement.

Wrinkle Treatment - Face Massage

Massage of the cheeks

Begin at the corners of the mouth and on the side of the nose, and from the chin towards the temples with circular movements. Then massage vigorously with your fists, in a circular motion, and clockwise on the cheek bones, 7-10 times. Then you may use tapping and slapping, pinching and caressing, etc. (Cheeks are hard and will not move). Remember, deeply massage the cheeks.

Wrinkle Treatment - Face Massage

Massage of the neckline

Alternate hands, starting under the ears and moving towards the neckline, where you massage downwards, not upwards. If you massage upwards you will cause the appearance of a double chin. Make circular movements from right to left on your neckline, to increase blood flow to the heart. People with skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and open lesions, should benefit from massage, since it increases the blood flow and prevents coagulation in certain areas, which may cause skin to redden or darken and itch. Scratching may lead to bleeding. For example, massage may heal acne infections, since blood flow prevents the spreading of germs.

NOTE: The use of electrical massaging devices is not recommended, as they are dangerous. It is best to use the hands for massaging the skin.

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