Scarring is the visible evidence of previous trauma to the epidermis.

Every scar has a story. Some are large and some are small. Some are raised off the skin, while others are flat or almost invisible. Scarring is different than most skin problems, since the body does not view it as a problem. To our body, the scar was the solution.

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Facts on Scarring:

Scarring - Skin Problems

Scarring is a Natural Part Of Healing.

When we hurt ourselves, the human body has the remarkable capacity to heal itself by replacing damaged tissues with new ones. In fact, we probably have more scars than we are aware of. Every cut, gash, or burn we’ve had has left a scar. The only ones we can see are the ones that required enough collagen protein to make it visible to the naked eye.

Skin Problems - Scarring

It Can Take up to a Year For a Scar to Mature.

A fresh scar is always the most visible. This is because our body is not finished healing the wound. Fresh scars will typically be sensitive. Easily inflamed, and red in color around the area of the wound. The body slowly replaces missing tissues with collagen proteins until the wound has been healed to satisfaction. After this, the scar will continue to change, but only at the same pace as the rest of your skin.

Skin Problem Scarring

Not All Scars Are the Same.

There are several different types. Hypertrophic scars appear when the body produces too much collagen for the wound, and we see a raised, reddish smooth mark. Keloid scars may be similar, but will grow outside of the original area of the wound. In severe cases they will grow to tumorous sizes and will need to be removed surgically. Atrophic scars are the sunken scars you might see in acne scarring. And stretch marks on the skin are also their own type of scar.

Treating Scars

The treatment of scars is especially important during the maturation period. While the skin is healing it will be under a lot of stress. Dry or unhealthy skin will produce much more visible and unnatural looking scars. Rostoplasc creams will help to keep the skin moisturized, while fortifying the skin with the vitamins it needs to fully restore itself.

Older scars that have already matured can also be treated, but drastic visual results should not be expected. Instead, the treatments should help the scar tissue to stretch and work in tandem with the surrounding skin much more efficiently. Helpful for scars around the joints.

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