Psoriasis Skin Care

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammation of the skin.

Psoriasis has a few distinct looks. It can be elevated, deep red skin spots, well defined and hard. It may begin to flake and present itself as a silvery scale reminiscent of fish scale. Or it can present itself as thick, wrinkled or cracked skin that breaks open in warm temperatures. This is a very painful condition.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problem

Psoriasis Skin Care Facts:

Psoriasis Skin Care Problems

Psoriasis Can Affect Anyone

There is no distinct group of sufferers for psoriasis. It can affect the young or the old, on this continent or another. It is almost unique in its tendency to affect all persons equally. However, those with a family history of psoriasis should be aware that they may be at higher risk than normal.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problems

Psoriasis Is Not Contagious.

You cannot catch psoriasis by coming into contact with someone else who suffers from it. Neither is psoriasis an issue of poor hygiene. It is important to remember that intense scrubbing of an affected area would do more harm than good. Possibly breaking the skin, leaving it vulnerable to infection or further inflammation.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problems

Psoriasis Is An Immune Mediated Disease.

Psoriasis will not go away on its own. After the disruption of proper liver function, the immune system begins to react to environmental irritants of the skin in a harsh way. It is treatable, but care must be taken to treat the symptoms both on the outside and on the inside.

Treating Psoriasis

The Rostoplasc psoriasis treatment is sought by clients around the world after seeing the positive effects it can have.  Doctors today will tell you that there is no drug that can cure psoriasis, and they are right. To treat psoriasis, you must be willing to treat the underlying causes by changing dietary habits, and maintaining a strict regiment of daily hygiene to care for the visible symptoms.  All instructions are included with the purchase of Rostoplasc treatment kit, but if all you are looking to do is improve your diet we are happy to give you a place to start.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problems

Psoriasis: Foods to Avoid

Cold cuts, sausages, pork, beef, smoked meat (including fish) canned food, oranges, berries and juices made from berries, green apples, grapes, legumes, beans, lentils, green, red and yellow peppers, hot peppers, eggplant, pickles, vinegar, wine, tomatoes, tomato juice, paste or sauce, coffee, alcohol, sugar, chocolate, honey, cocoa, ice cream, whipped cream, sauces in restaurants, spicy sauces, fast food, soft drinks containing coloring, mayonnaise, margarine, coloured cheese, cakes containing sodium bicarbonate, milk, do not cook with canola oil or vegetable oil and olive oil.

Be careful of tropical fruits as they are acidic. All the above create acids which the sick liver does not tolerate. Do not eat anything mentioned above for 6 months.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problem

Psoriasis: Acceptable Foods

Goose, turkey, duck or rabbits, and fresh wild fish. Farmed fish are no good.

You should eat light vegetables every day with a lot of stewed apples, plums, quinces and peaches. Look for European stewed fruit and avoid sugar. Do not drink the juice of stewed fruit, eat only the pulp. You may eat any type of fresh fruit with seeds; also oranges and apples with seeds; be sure not to eat seedless fruits of any kind. Cook with sunflower, corn and soy oil. Use them in turns; do not eat the same oil consistently. Eat olive oil only with vegetables and salads.

Psoriasis Skin Care Problems

The Irritant Journal

Another great idea is to start an irritant journal. While the foods listed above are a good place to start, you may be allergic to foods that were not listed, or perhaps might be listed as acceptable. Try to cook from home and make note of the foods you eat. After you have a bad reaction, mark down when it happened and notice what foods you’ve been eating. Continue doing this and you will soon have a much better idea of what foods are safe for you, and what foods to avoid.

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