Hand Skin Care

Our hands take a lot of daily abuse from exposure to soaps, detergents, chemicals and the elements.

This exposure often results in prematurely aged hands. Rostoplasc Organic Hand Skin Care Cream provides nourishing rejuvenation and needed moisturizing to reduce premature aging and wrinkling. Your hands will feel smoother, softer, healthier and younger-looking.

Hand Skin Care Problem

Handy Skin Care Facts:

Hand Skinc Care Problem

Our hands age faster than our face.

Skin damage, or a loss of elasticity are common signs of aging, so it’s no wonder that our hands are the quickest to show their years. Hands do not have the stores of lipid fat cells to draw upon like we have on our face, our legs, and our torso. The skin will lose elasticity easier this way, while our hands are also exposed to every element in our day. Sunlight, soap, the vigors of manual labor, all of these take their toll.

Skin Problems - Hand Skin Care

Hands require more moisturizer.

Our hands are the most susceptible part of our body to drying out. As was already pointed out, we don’t have the fat stores to draw upon in our hands, and our hands are exposed to many elements that can dry them out faster. Every time you leave a fingerprint, you are losing more of your skins moisture. This means our hands benefit greatly from frequent moisturizing. This is especially true as we grow older.

Hand Skin Care - Problems

Sun Spots Typically Appear First on Our Hands

Sun spots are not dangerous really, but they are a good indicator of how much damage our skin has suffered by being in the sun. While it is good to protect your skin from harmful UV rays, take care to know what you are putting on your skin first. Many sunblocks contain harmful chemicals and irritants for the skin, and can do more harm to you than good.

Taking Care of your Hands

For everything that we use our hands to do, they are remarkably resilient.  If you want to look after them in the best way possible, use a natural moisturizer with enough frequency to keep the skin of your hands from drying out. Pay particular attention to the backs of each hand as well as the knuckles of the fingers, and massage the moisturizer into the skin to be sure it is absorbed properly.


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