Hair Loss – Hair and Skin Care

Also known as Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness, hair loss is often a result of the shrinking of natural hair follicles.

This can be a result of aging, hormonal changes, poor diet, or even fungal infection. Hair loss can be temporary, but it should be addressed quickly.

Hair Loss - Hair and skin care

Hair and Skin Care – Hair Loss Facts:

Hair Loss - hair and skin care

Everyone Loses Hair

On a daily basis, people lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs. This is normal. A natural and healthy part of the follicle life cycle. Only when a person begins to lose 2 or 3 times as many hairs in a day is it considered to be significant hair loss worth an intervention.

Hair Loss - Skin Problem - Hair and Skin Care

Alopecia Can Start In Your Teens

A receding hair line, or the simple thinning out of hair can be a natural sight on one of advanced age, but alopecia can start as early as our teenage years. Genetics do play a large role in the hair loss of any person, but significant hair loss at a young age can be an indicator of other health issues (such as infection).

Hair and skin care - Hair Loss

Hair Loss Is Not Your Mother’s Fault

Alopecia is commonly a genetic trait, but the genes responsible for Male Pattern Baldness can just as easily come from your fathers side of the family. The idea that hair loss comes from the mothers side only is a myth. Even if everyone in your family goes bald, there are ways to help prevent your own hair loss.

Hair Loss - hair and skin care

Taking Care of your Hair

Hair is closely linked to our health and well being. A healthy diet (with organic meats, fruits, and vegetables) and a good period of sleep can be just as beneficial to our hair as any topical treatment. Using natural shampoos and conditioners to massage the scalp, and prevent the build up of the scalps natural oils can also prevent something called sebborheic dermatitis; an uncomfortable skin condition of the scalp brought on by excessive sebum clogging the pores.

Avoid using chemically derived shampoos and conditioners. These will irritate the sebacious glands of the scalp, and could make symptoms worse. If you notice yourself losing more hair than normal, use Rostoplasc Hair Loss lotion quickly. It’s all natural, and can slow or reverse hair loss when used properly.


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