After Shave / Wax

Smooth skin after a shave can be a wonderful feeling, but for those with sensitive skin getting there can be torture.

Historically, aftershave was used primarily as an anti-bacterial and anti-septic agent. The goal was to prevent infection in the skin from small cuts, or the from the widening of the pores as hair was removed. Today, aftershave products are marketed as a scent product more than an anti-septic, and many of them contain chemicals and irritants that are harmful to the skin.

After Shave/Wax Skin Problem

After Shave/Wax Facts:

Skin Problems - After Shave/Wax

Modern Aftershaves Rely On Alcohol or Chemicals As An Anti-Septic.

If you have tried to use many modern aftershaves, you have no doubt been left disappointed in the results. While the ingredients they use will kill external bacteria as they claim, it will also cause your pores to react by shutting as quickly as they can to prevent the aftershave from getting too far into the skin. These pores can then clog much easier, leading to painful swelling or ingrown hairs.

Skin Problems After Shave/Wax

Not Everyone Can Avoid Razorburn With Technique Alone

There are quite a few articles circulating that tell you how to avoid razor burn with a few easy tricks. Soften the hairs in a bath or shower. Have a sharp blade, and shave with the grain using short strokes. However, even when you do everything right, some people can still have a strong reaction to a shave or a wax. This kind of sensitive skin is a genetic trait, and not something you can always avoid by using these techniques.

Skin Problem - After Shave/Wax

Estheticians Mean Well.

When visiting a spa, or a parlour for a waxing treatment, no specialist believes that they are doing harm to their client. The products they use will obviously have an impressive list of benefits, but while many other creams, and salves may have great looking packaging, it doesn’t always mean it’s right for your skin, and you have the right to bring your own creams to any spa. It is your body after all, and not even a doctor has the right to use a treatment that you do not want.

Rostoplasc After Shave/Wax

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