Skin Care Acne

Of all the skin conditions treated by doctors and dermatologists, acne is by far the most common.

Many people consider acne to be a simple phase of adolescence, but this is not the case. While hormonal imbalances can contribute to the appearance of pimples on the skin, acne symptoms could have a number of contributing factors, from allergic reactions to more serious kidney dysfunction.

Skin Care Acne

Skin Care Acne Facts:

Acne Skin Problems

Acne can affect a person of any age.

We all have the sebaceous glands under the skin that produce oils (called sebum) on our face. These glands are active throughout our lifetime, not just during puberty. It can affect anyone, from infancy onward.

Skin Problems - Acne

Acne does not always go away on it’s own.

Some people do grow out of their symptoms, but many cases of acne will get worse over time as scar tissue builds and the skin gets even more sensitive. The best response to acne symptoms is to begin treatment as early as possible.

Acne - Skin Problems

Acne does not have a fast cure.

It is unbelievable how many advertisements there are claiming that acne can be cured in a short period of time. These claims are simply not true. To properly treat a skin condition like acne, a period of 4 to 7 months is typically required. This can vary, depending on how fast the person’s metabolism is working.

Acne Treatment

The treatment for acne consists of a four step daily process. A complete cure can take several months, but an improvement in symptoms should be noticeable in a few weeks.

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