Long Hair Conditioner


This is a leave-in liquid conditioning lotion that is easily applied to the scalp. It works best for those with longer hair.

Rostoplasc products are:

  • Animal Friendly
  • Free of Chemical Irritants
  • Derived from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Shipped Worldwide
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Organic Hair Conditioner Day Lotion (Long Hair – Leave-In)

Organic Hair Conditioning Day Lotion helps hair to become thick and lustrous by regenerating the roots of your hair, stimulating new hair growth, specially formulated long hair conditioner. After shampooing and rinsing, thoroughly towel dry hair. Spread a few drops of Organic Hair Conditioning Day Lotion on your palms and deeply massage lotion into scalp to nourish hair. Do not rinse off. This leave-in liquid conditioning lotion is easily applied on to the scalp, thus works best for longer hair. Towel dry hair again. Style hair as usual.


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