Eczema Creams for Eczema and Pityriasis Nighttime Face Cream


Rostoplasc Night time face cream brings out impurities like dirt, bacteria, eczema, and pityriasis to the skin surface as you sleep. It is safe to use around the eyes and eyelids, and reduces puffiness.

Rostoplasc products are:

  • Animal Friendly
  • Free of Chemical Irritants
  • Derived from 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Shipped Worldwide
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Botanical Eczema and Pityriasis Nighttime Face Cream

All irritant products, regardless of their intended effects, produce similar results. First, a redness becomes apparent, followed by a swelling that may spread which may be accompanied by pain, stinging or itchiness. Some may even experience blisters (small blisters of clear liquid) or pustules (small puss filled blisters) depending on the sensitivity of their skin; for these persons, the skin may develop ulcers, which are especially aggravated by the irritant substance, which is also known as pityriasis. Pityriasis is very hard to resolve because the blisters break out and produce infection; the treatment instruction for this particular condition has to be follow carefully. Complete instructions are included in the Eczema/ Pityriasis order pack. Many of my clients have described as “miraculous”. Nightface Cream works while you sleep by deeply nourishing the skin and stops premature wrinkling by infusing the skin with natural vitamins and phyto-nutrients in an organic base. Nightface Cream also brings impurities like dirt, bacteria, eczema, pityriasis etc; to the skin surface. It is safe to use around the eyes and eyelids, and reduces puffiness; so you don’t need to buy a separate and often expensive eye cream. Dayface Cream is a moisturizing cream that protects your skin from dirt, pollution and the elements. Dayface Cream also protects against normal sun exposure, while still allowing your skin to “breathe” without the irritating chemicals of sun blocks and sunscreens. Dayface Cream rejuvenates and softens your skin as well. Dayface Cream is concentrated; you use much less and save money in the long run. You do not need to purchase a separate and often expensive eye cream because the Nightface & Dayface Eczema Creams are organic and you can apply around the eyes and eyelids.


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