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Wrinkled Skin

God bless your hands and your knowledge because your wrinkle cream is great and has made me very happy.
Thank you
! Galina S - Toronto, ON

100% Organic Wrinkle Cream
(This cream is named LOVE)


Ingredients: Saturated Hydrocarbon, Vitamin E, Catina Oil, Olive Oil, Rasina Tree



Wrinkle Products




Why Skin Becomes Wrinkled

Wrinkles generally result when the skin loses its normal elasticity and smoothness. They first appear as vertical and horizontal lines on the forehead and then develop into “crow’s feet” at the outside edge of the eyes. As a person ages, small vertical wrinkles above the upper lip begin to form and the area immediately under the eyes begins to pucker. Two ridges then start to curve from the nose to the corner of the mouth. For smokers, this process begins even before the age range of 40 to 50 years. There is another type of wrinkle: the pleat. This type can usually be seen as pleats in the skin going across the forehead, under the eyes, over the cheeks from the nose to the lips, along the lips, along the chin and neck. The skin begins to sag. The aging process is a result of a number of factors: Different functional imbalances of the glands producing internal secretions triggered by certain illnesses including some so seemingly harmless that you hardly notice them.

In general, wrinkles are produced through the everyday, inevitable and irreversible phenomenon of aging. There is a progressive degeneration of the skin’s components. But there are other factors that aggravate and promote the appearance of wrinkles. For example, atmospheric agents, lack of rest, slimming diets, soaps, alcohol based lotions and excessive use of cosmetic preparations containing chemical ingredients. Even lack of restraint in emotional expression produces wrinkles. Loss of teeth significantly affects the physiognomy of the face causing the lips to retract, the hollowing of the cheeks and shortening the vertical length of the face. All of this ages one’s appearance. However, cosmetic dental work and reconstruction go a long way to restore the normal contours of the face. Internal secretion from the glands and the digestive tract can cause an early appearance of wrinkles. It is known that there is a close interdependence between the functions of the body and its state of health. Hence, functional defects of the organs leave their mark on the skin.

The conditions of modern life provide many occasions for trepidation of facial muscles. So beware of sadness or pain, as the expressions will manifest themselves on the face. Excessive consumption of coffee, use of tobacco, insomnia, inadequate sleep, and a general disorder in one’s lifestyle can promote the formation of dark circles under the eyes. The circles are soon accompanied by wrinkles that give the individual a tired, worn out appearance. As time goes on, the creases around the eyes get deeper and more obvious. Thin, dry skin tends to wrinkle more quickly than does skin that is thick and prone to be greasy. What then is to be done with skin that is dry and thin? First let us consider what makes skin dry and thin to begin with. Many today are preoccupied with slimness and often go many hours without eating, or they eat food sparse in nutrients such as store bought juices, spaghetti with tomato sauce, sandwiches with artificial sweet spreads, green salads every day or food prepared in restaurants. These foods are tasty but often are lacking in protein, vitamins and calcium. And often these foods contain a lot of chemicals because of spraying programs and chemical fertilizers. Other foods contain synthetic hormones for taste and colour. Consider lettuce as an example. When the leaves are broken off the plant and it comes in contact with light, it loses its vitamins within 30 minutes and begins to die. Often vendors spray lettuce with chemicals. Soon leaves look fresh and green again though it had wilted. It is then promoted as being “good for you” even as it is kept in a window exposed to sunlight. How can the skin be robust, glowing and properly nourished on this type of diet? There is no way. With poor nourishment skin loses its elasticity, becomes thin and sensitive, working slowly and eventually paralyzed. Having lost its natural resilience, skin dries out and soon begins to flake. Then come the inevitable wrinkles. Certain emotional states such as depression also lead to the appearance of deep ridges in the skin. Happiness and

A good disposition do not have the same effect. The frontal portions of facial muscles are attached to the forehead, controlling the muscles of attention, surprise, admiration, fear and terror. These muscles cause stress lines on the forehead as well as around the eyes, chin and neck. When we are sad, under stress, or ill, these 65 muscles combine to prematurely age us by causing the skin to sag and wrinkle. A good disposition and healthy attitude are very important in guarding against wrinkles. A calm, smiling and stress-free expression only works 13 muscles, far less than wrinkle-causing stress! To maintain healthy and younger looking skin, make time for regular treatments with Organic Moisturizing Anti Wrinkle Cream and Vita Wrinkle – Dryness Mask. There is absolutely no reason to wait passively as wrinkles appear and multiply. Everyone over age 25 should use my prevention plan.

The EYES: The Mirror of Your Body
Your eyes are the light of your body. It is often said the eyes reflect your character and health. They are extremely important and need special care and attention. We see the beauty of the world through our eyes and therefore, we must give them due rest when they are tired or irritated. The eyes are the essential element of a youthful appearance.

You do not need to purchase separate expensive eye creams because the night and day face creams can be applied arround the eyes and the eyelids.


My eyes were puffy and my neck was swollen and very sensitive. After I used your cream I was relieved. I have no words to thank you for your help. I wish you continued success.
Marina T - New Jersey, U.S.A.


Even if we take care of our complexion, dark circles, redness, puffy eyelids and wrinkles may still occur, thus hindering any efforts to eliminate the effects of age. The eye is one of the most important organs of the human body and its complexity exceeds that of other sensory organs. It is directly connected to the nose, brain, ear, genitals, liver and stomach. If the nervous system is irritated by stress, lack of sleep and tiredness, the brain sends messages to the eyes, which translate into nervous tension, accumulating in the strong eye muscles. These muscles also receive stress messages from the ears. The coordinating centre of your balance is found at the base of your brain, called the brain stem. When you are healthy, you keep your balance because innumerable impulses are received from your eyes, your muscles, and your vestibular system. Your eyes provide the brain stem with continuous sensory input about your external surroundings. Sensory receptors in your muscles called proprioceptors, funnel information to your brain about the type of surface you are walking on or touching. But it is your vestibular system that acts as an internal guidance system that tells where you are going, or staying, etc. The internal orientation that communicates with the brain controls the position of your body. Stress and general fatigue affect the internal body balance as well as the tendons underneath and above the eyes, causing wrinkles to appear:
at the corner of the eyes (crow’s feet
on the side of the nose
above the upper lip
certain people accumulate fatty tissue
on the sides of the lower jaw (double chin)
on the chest (a source of unhappiness
for many women)Conditions of the reproductive organs, in women (i.e. ovaries), in men, (prostate), cause dark lines to appear under the eyes and have a negative affect on the tendons, making them exert pressure on the blood vessels, thus causing the appearance of so-called “bags under the eyes”. Consider this example: A blow to the cheek causes a bruise around the eye (black eye), not on the cheek. This illustrates the complex nature of the eye and surrounding area, as well as the strong connection between the body, blood vessels and nervous system. A balanced way of life, good health, and a lively intelligence are often expressed in our eyes. That is why we must give them proper care every day. Insufficient sleep, smoking, too much coffee (hot coffee causes the premature appearance of wrinkles and ageing), improper air circulation in buildings are all enemies of the eyes, as is reading without proper lighting. Putting off a visit to the eye doctor if you feel your sight has deteriorated significantly is very detrimental to your eye health. For those that smoke, I strongly suggest that you put the cigarettes in the ashtray after each puff, especially if you work with your head bowed, because cigarette smoke leads to the appearance of fine lines around the eyes. For those who complain that their eyes get tired when they watch television, I recommend that you maintain an adequate distance from the screen and keep a light turned on.



My dry and sensitive skin is gone, my face is beautiful.
Irene D - Markham, ON

Facial massages protect against premature wrinkles and double chin. They also increase muscle tone and vitalit If you start at a later age, when your skin has already lost some elasticity, it is unlikely that your complexion will recover completely. However, it is never too late to begin in order to prevent further loss of elasticity. First and foremost, massages increase muscle tone. Also, they help to increase blood flow, decongest the deep layers of the skin and can even remove excess sebum from the sebaceous glands, depending on the type of massage. Namely, the massage applied to the cheeks in the morning and at night is very important as it strengthens and revitalizes the muscles and thus prevents them from sagging and creating a double chin or a line around the nose. These disadvantages will never appear if you do facials regularly and you use facial creams which do not contain chemicals, perfumes and preservatives. As mentioned previously, I do not use chemicals, water or perfume in my creams. Everything I use are natural and come from plants. You may apply a day or a night cream around your eyes and eyelids as they do not cause irritation and thus you do not need to spend money on expensive eye creams.

How to Do a Special Facial Massage
Massage of the facial area:
Put cream on the palm of your hands and apply it on your face and around your eyes and eyelids. Begin massaging your forehead. Make zig-zag movements with both hands, from the eyebrows towards your hair, massaging in both horizontal and vertical lines. Then make circular motions starting at the base of your nose and moving towards the temples.

Combination Skin
Wrinkle massage
Massage of wrinkles of the forehead
Lip massage
Eye and eylids massage
Nose massage
Cheeks massage
Neck massage

Massage around the eyes: Press slightly around your eyes, carefully since it is a sensitive area. Begin at the base of your nose and massage clockwise with circular motions. If some cream gets into your eyes it is perfectly fine since it is an organic cream. It will not irritate the eyes, and may be used during the day or at night.

Massage of the nose: Massage the sides of your nose with the middle finger and then press slightly in a gentle upward movement.

Massage of the cheeks: Begin at the corners of the mouth and on the side of the nose, and from the chin towards the temples with circular movements. Then massage vigorously with your fists, in a circular motion, and clockwise on the cheek bones, 7-10 times. Then you may use tapping and slapping, pinching and caressing, etc. (Cheeks are hard and will not move). Remember, deeply massage the cheeks.

Massage of the neckline: Alternate hands, starting under the ears and moving towards the neckline, where you massage downwards, not upwards. If you massage upwards you will cause the appearance of a double chin. Make circular movements from right to left on your neckline, to increase blood flow to the heart. People with skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and open lesions, should benefit from massage, since it increases the blood flow and prevents coagulation in certain areas, which may cause skin to redden or darken and itch. Scratching may lead to bleeding. For example, massage may heal acne infections, since blood flow prevents the spreading of germs. (NOTE: I do not recommend the use of electrical massaging devices, as they are dangerous).It is best to use the hands for massaging the skin.

Tapping of the double chin with a small towelette
Masage of the double chin
Double chin exersize

Double chin is an inconvenience that slowly appears after the age of 40.
Causes are:
- poor eating habits with the direct consequence of fat deposits in this region
- poor posture when reading, working, or sleeping
- early loss of muscle tonus elasticityIn these situations the skin (on lower face) wrinkles earlier than that on the cheek area, sagging and forming fat deposits. It may even form a middle line dividing the double chin into two.

Massage of the Double Chin

Begin massaging with the back of your hands at the left ear towards the right ear. Do not massage underneath the chin in an upward motion since this will only increase the double chin. Move the back of your hands left and right. Massage vigorously under the jaw, the chin and along the jaw, applying vigorous pinches and insist on the folds. Apply vibrating movements from the jaw towards the clavicle. Apply a tapping motion to the double chin area and do exercises. Tilt your head back, clench your teeth and rotate your head in both directions. You may practice this move as often as you wish, even while walking in the street; however, avoid bending your head. Hold your head straight and look forward.


Muscles Of Facial Expression
(Minicry Muscles)

1.Frontails; 2.Pyramidalis; 3; Temporalis; 4.Orbicularis; 5.Zygomaticus Major; 6.Zygomatics Minor; 7.Orbicularis Oris ( used when whistling); 8.Levator Labi Superioris; 9. Ridicatonal Pnopice; 10. Caninus; 11. Transversal; 12. Buccinator; 13. Mentalis; 14. Masseter