Mary’s Liver Cleansing Tea Recipe

We care a lot about the skin and keeping it healthy. We want everyone to experience freedom from conditions like psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema.

Over the years, Mary Rostoplasc has developed some of the most effective topical skin creams and lotions for keeping the skin fresh; but while the surface of the skin can be clean and healthy, other parts of our bodies can still show problematic symptoms on the surface.

Liver dysfunction is a common culprit. When our liver isn’t filtering out the toxins correctly, our circulatory system will be flooded with an overflow of problems. Our skin needs to be nourished to stay healthy, but it’s hard to stay healthy when you drink from a poisoned well.

For this reason, Mary will often share her recipes for a liver cleansing tea when she sends her skin cream products to customers.

Now we can share that same recipe with you. 

Tea Blend for the Liver

Cup of tea with flowers on the dish.

10 gr. Oak bark

30 gr. Willow bark

40 gr. Club moss

20 gr. Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis)

20 gr. Walnut shells

30 gr. Celandine

50 gr. Nettles

30 gr. Speedwell

30 gr. Marigold

20 gr. Milfoil (yarrow)


Mix all herbs in the amounts listed above to make this premixed herbal tea. If you don’t have an easy to label container, it is just as easy to store this mix in a paper bag so you can write the label on the outside.

Take 1200 ml of water, bring it to a boil, and remove the boiled water from the stove. Take a pinch of the premixed herbal tea, soak it in the boiled water and let it steep for 2 minutes. I like to set a timer on the stove for this. Afterward, strain the tea and keep it in a thermos. Drink this tea throughout the day by sipping slowly.

Keep in Mind

Many of these ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties, and can do wonders to relieve the aches and pains of arthritis as well!

Black_exclamation_markThis recipe is being shared because it has shown wonderful results for many, but this article is not meant to be direct medical advice.

Because of the medicinal qualities of these ingredients, it is important that you consult with your physician before taking the tea on a regular basis. This is even more true for those who are already taking other medications, for pregnant women, or for women who are trying to become pregnant.

Do you have any special tea blends of your own that you love to share? Share them with us in the comments section below, or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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