5 Reasons To Drink More Water

Water is the planet’s favourite natural resource, with access to clean drinking water among the top priorities for developing countries. Yet so many of us fill up on soda, fruit juice and carbonated beverages when we could be taking advantage of Mother Nature’s best tonic. If you think a glass of water is too boring, read on to discover why all of us could do with more.

It’s free

With the exception of bottled water, soda can cost up to hundreds of times more than a simple glass of tap water. Water is safe, free, and unlimited, offering hydration around the clock. No other beverage on earth can offer such excellent customer benefits.

It aids digestion

A good drink of water with meals can help break down foods in your system, curb the speed that you eat and flush out toxins from your gut. It also aids your liver and promotes clear thinking. Water makes up a large portion of your body mass, and drinking more of it only assists the body with its natural functions.

It clears skin

Many people report excellent benefits of the skin after upping their water intake by just one glass a day. By flooding the system with clear, healthy water, the skin is healed from the inside out without the harmful chemical additives found in expensive beauty products. Water assists in flushing toxins from organs, and as the largest organ in the body the skin naturally benefits from an increased fluid intake. Acne, dull and dry skin are just some of the conditions that can be alleviated by drinking more water.

It can carry other things

There is a lot of health advice around today that advocates the use of natural supplements such as apple cider vinegar and lemon juice to aid digestion, promote weight loss and maintain overall health. The trouble is, a lot of these solutions taste awful. By diluting a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice in a pint of water you can sip throughout the morning, the bad taste is lessened and you get the added benefit of the water carrying the solution into your body quicker.

It makes you feel full

Drinking water throughout the day is just as good as snacking, as the dense liquid helps your stomach feel full with no added calories. Much of the time, irrational feelings of hunger or cravings are caused by dehydration. The brain is receiving signals that the body needs water, but sometimes these signals are mixed with the need for food, and the body ends up craving the water that is contained in food when it actually needs a drink. If you feel hungry, take several sips of water, and wait. If your cravings disappear, you were likely just thirsty. If not, rest easy in the knowledge that your body truly does want food, and feel free to eat without guilt.

Water truly is a miracle cure that has more uses than we give it credit for. We could all drink more water, so take the time to plan an extra glass or two into your day.

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