About Rostoplasc Natural Skin Care Products

The Rostoplasc family has been formulating natural skin care products since 1791.

At 6 years old, Mary Rostoplasc began her extensive career creating natural skin care products by watching her mother and grandmother in their preparation of these valued creams.

At the age of 14, Mary was able to independently create a cream for rosacea, as well as a cream for psoriasis. When the creams were tested, they proved to be very effective. Since then, the treatment of skin conditions with natural skin care products has been her life’s work.

Rostoplasc beauty and skin treatments have built a reputation by using natural ingredients such as flowers, seeds, leaves, and roots. The many vitamins, proteins, and other essential nutrients from these ingredients can be naturally absorbed by the skin, and utilised by the skin’s natural maintenance system.

Although the Rostoplasc family name stems from Romania, the limits of private industry in a communist nation eventually forced a move to Canada. The first Rostoplasc store was opened in Toronto, Ontario. Once people began to see results, word about these natural creams and toners began to spread quickly. That excitement has not waned, and Rostoplasc cosmetics has now made a name for themselves all over the world.

Mary Rostoplasc - Creator of Natural Skin Care Products

“My greatest reward, however, still comes from letters and the many testimonials I receive each year thanking me. And my clients always receive a gift when they buy my products. The Bible says: There is more happiness in giving, than there is in receiving.”

– Mary P. Rostoplasc.

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