No Artificial Preservatives or Colouring

Many cosmetics will start out using wonderful high quality ingredients, only to spoil them by using colouring or unnatural preservatives to maintain the appearance of the product. To us, the appearance of your skin is far more important to us than the appearance of our product.

No Animal Testing or Byproducts

Rostoplasc cosmetics are completely animal safe. We do not use any animal byproducts, and we have never used animal testing as a part of our process. If an ingredient may do harm to the skin, it probably shouldn't be in cosmetics anyway.

No Artificial Fragrances or Perfumes

Smelling good is important, but not at the expense of health. Extra fragrances added to skin products can have adverse effects on the skin, and can irritate the senses of those around us who have built up a sensitivity.

About Rostoplasc Natural Skin Care Products

The Rostoplasc family has been formulating natural skin care products since 1791.

At 6 years old, Mary Rostoplasc began her extensive career creating natural skin care products by watching her mother and grandmother in their preparation of these valued creams.

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God bless your hands and your knowledge because your wrinkle cream is great and has made me very
happy. Thank you! 


My rosacea is gone because of your miraculous products. Thank you. I had been to many dermatologists; one doctor told me because of Read full testimonial…


I had psoriasis on my whole body and face. I was in tears, and I visited many dermatologists but nobody could help. After 8 months of Read full testimonial…

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